Why you should indulge in the joys of self-gifting

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Last year, 77 percent of American Black Friday shoppers “self-gifted” over the weekend, meaning they bought something special for themselves, according to the National Retail Federation. The organization says the average amount of money that people plan to spend on self-indulgences during the holiday season this year is $131.59.

That’s why I advocate embracing your inner narcissist, and getting yourself a gift for the holidays.  Here are eight reasons why self-gifting is awesome, and why it should be a guilt-free activity.

  • Self-gifting minimizes jealousy, and allows you to combat envy before it starts.
  • Self-gifting allows you to turn your secret, materialistic daydreams into a reality. 
  • Self-gifting is a form of emotional self-reliance. 
  • Self-gifting gives you permission to select a holiday gift which precisely suits your tastes
  • People are not mind readers, and they don’t necessarily know what you want.
  • Self-gifting is thrilling, and being miserable doesn’t do the world any good
  • Sometimes trying something new requires buying something new.
  • Self-gifting is an act of self-compassion, which is fundamentally healthy. 

So show yourself a little kindness and forgiveness, and give yourself a present.  You deserve it, no matter what anyone else says.  Self-gifting is an act of self-love, and love makes the world brighter.

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